TGI Fridays Menu Malaysia 2022

TGI Fridays Menu Malaysia 2021

TGI Friday’s has recently announced an updated look to its menu. The new menu will include 14 more options from the kitchen, priced starting at RM17.90 beginning on April 19th, at all outlets across the country. I was able to taste a few of the 14 new menu items on the menu and here’s a write-up about my impressions of the menu.

From delicious pasta, delicious food items like burgers and mouth-watering desserts prepare to delight your palate as TGI Friday’s announces 14 fresh dishes to their menu. Friday’s has been the most popular choice for those seeking genuine American food and beverages.

#1 Loaded Chip Nacho – RM22.90

With a focus on creating a harmonious blend of flavors, Friday’s menu will feature two new starters – the mouthwatering Barbecue Beef Taco Stack and the crisp-filled Chip Nachos.

Loaded Chip Nachos loaded chips came with cheese that has been melted and beef bacon crumbles put in a bowl and covered in cheese queso white cheddar.

The cheese is served warm, melting on the fork as it’s pulled. With bacon bits, beef crumbles Colby cheese and green onions It’s a wonderful dish to kick off any meal during TGIF.


The savory corn cakes that are toasted and packed with bacon from the beef and green onions, is the primary ingredient in the next appetizer dish that will be served at our table and that is it’s the BBQ Beef Taco Stack. 

The dish is served by beef brisket, braised BBQ meat, Monterey fresh slaw, jack cheese Tex Mex slaw, pickled onions This dish is quite delicious if you are looking for an appetizer that is savory. Personal preference: more towards nacho chips.

#3 Hibachi Chicken Skewers – RM25.90

This Hibachi Chicken Skewerscame on a plate with the beans and blends of broccoli, as well as pita that was grilled.

The meat of the chicken breast tasted quite good, considering that it’s marinated in garlic sauce, and drizzled with miso. I’m still a fan of the chicken thigh meat used however these were quite delicate.

#4 Honey Pecan Salmon – RM47.90

The most delicious new food of the evening would definitely include their Honey Pecan Salmon. The fire-grilled and seasoned with 7 spices, the salmon fillets were used however what stood out for me was the pecan honey butter as well as sprinkles of pecan-glazed toppings. Savory, crunchy, and sweet, could be the words I use to describe this delicious dish.

#5 Miami Cubano Chicken Stack – RM47.90

#6 Wild Mushroom Farfalle – RM19.90

It is a blend of nutritious vegetables and a delicious cheese, we present wild mushroom farfalle. A spoonful of fresh crimini and shiitake and button mushrooms cooked together with the farfalle pasta arugula and fresh Parmesan and I could taste the different flavors of mushrooms in my mouth.

#7 Cowboy Triple Meat Burger – RM35.90

Cut open to reveal the yummy BBQ beef inside

#8 Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad – RM29.90

Avocado lovers should definitely take a look to try the Chipotle Yucatan Chicken Salad. Each bite was filled with large portions of avocado together with the pulled and roasted chicken breasts spiced with garlic and oregano, as well as spices that blacken.

#9 Two high Carrot Cake – RM18.90

#10 Oreo Stack – RM17.90

For a satisfying dinner at TGI Fridays, We were served the latest additions to their dessert menu which included their Oreo Stack and the Carrot Cake. I’m a sucker for cheesecakes and when I saw this Oreo Stack which consists of a double-layered brownie sandwich, white choc cheesecake it brought me a smile. For more details on the menu change, go to TGI Friday’s menu.

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