Teppanyaki Menu Malaysia 2022

Teppanyaki Menu Malaysia 2021

Teppanyaki Menu Teppan Sakaba is among the hottest restaurants in town, where you can enjoy delicious Teppanyaki in one location with Nakazawa. It is located at Faber Tower at Taman Desa, Teppan Sakaba is packed with meals even though it is the first week they have been operating.

Teppanyaki Menu Malaysia 2021Teppan Asian Beef Striploin  (RM 61)

Teppan Tainjin Rice (RM 23)

A delicious, hot, and heartwarming meal to enjoy. The rice bowl is gorgeously covered in the delicious gravy with egg over it. The rice is delicious, and every bite of rice paired and sauce delicious and tastes just like home.

Beef Hamburg Miso Stew (RM 38) 

Pork Hamburg Steak (RM 26)

If you are a fan of pork, opt for your Pork Hamburg Steak. It’s as good as it gets the pork Hamburg steak comes with juicy meat as well as sides that include fries served on the side.

Teppan Yuzu Gyoza (RM 16)

Teppan Garlic Rice (RM 9.00) 

Also, don’t go through their vast range of Kushiyaki in which they have the option from Collar Iberiko, Ventresca Iberrico, Pork Shoulder, Pork Loin, Enoki Roll, Shitake Roll, Lady Finger Roll, and numerous others. These are delicious anytime and make the perfect match with a glass of sake or a beer as well.

Teppan Sakaba (鉄板肉酒場)


Lot G13, Ground Floor, Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, Taman Desa

58100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-7971 7678

GPS Location : 3.1017314,101.6848237

Opening Hours:  

Sunday 12–11pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday 12–11pm

Wednesday 12–11pm

Thursday 12–11pm

Friday 12–11pm

Saturday 12–11pm

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