Taro Yogurt Menu Malaysia 2022

Taro Yogurt Menu Malaysia 2021

Taro Yogurt Menu They offer a variety of popular drinks. One of their most popular drinks (and our personal favorite) is their Brown Sugar Black Whale Avocado Milk (RM18.90). Also, you should take a look at the Brown Sugar Taro Milk drink which was just introduced in Q4 of the year 2019.


Black Whale Menu Malaysia And Black Whale Menu Prices

Below you will see all the drinks available as well as prices according to The Black Whale’s Menu.

It was just a matter of some time. The first drink made of purple rice specialty shop is now open in Singapore.

You can sip on these fashionable drinks in Yanmi Yogurt which is the first outlet in Singapore located on Funan Level 2.

“Yan” (Yan ) symbolizes “beauty” and “Mi” (Mi ) refers to “rice”.



Yogurt lovers, this drink is something you must try! According to people online it is their top drink. With the rich taste of milk Who would have thought that it would be an excellent pair with premium red grapes? Tealive surely knows it better than us. 

The drink is topped with Tealive’s most popular flavor, Black Diamond, this drink is priced at RM9.90 for the standard size. The best option is the larger size which is priced at RM10.90 since obviously the larger the more!

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