Taco Bell Menu Malaysia 2022

Taco Bell Menu Malaysia 2021

Senarai Taco Bell Malaysia Menu berserta harga

Memandangkan ia baru sahaja di negara ini, berikut adalah Taco Bell menu berserta dengan harga yang boleh dijadikan sebagai panduan. 

Seperti restoran makanan segera yang lain, pelanggan menu yang dijual direstoran ini disediakan secara set kombo atau ala-karte. Selain daripada itu, pelanggan boleh juga mengubahsuai menu mengikut citarasa.

Menu Kombo Single Kombo/Ala Karte
2 Taco Supreme RM 15.90 RM 9.90
Crunchwrap Supreme RM 15.90 RM 11.90
Chicken Quesadilla RM 13.90 RM 10.50
2 Kickin Chicken Tacos RM 15.90 RM 12.50
Grilled Stuft Burrito RM 14.90 RM 11.50
Chickstar RM 14.90 RM 11.50
Shareables Loaded Nachos RM 15.90
Shareables Loaded Fries RM 15.90
Bell Rice Bowl RM 10.90
Crunchy Taco RM 5.90
Soft Taco RM 5.90
Loaded Griller RM 5.90
Cheese Quesadilla RM 8.50
Nacho Fries RM 4.90
Cheesy Nachos RM 4.90
Crocodile RM 3.90
Cinnamon Twists RM 3.90
Soft Drink RM 3.85
Taco Bell Sparklers RM 4.50
Hot Americano RM 3.50
Hot Tea RM 3.50
The Tarik RM 3.90
Ice Lemon Tea RM 4.50
Milo Iced RM 4.85
Milo Hot RM 4.50
Water RM 3.10

Taco Bell is the latest fast-food chain to open in Malaysia. It is a Tex-Mex restaurant serving popular Mexican-inspired dishes like Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, and much more.

This initial outlet will be located in Cyberjaya We were able to sneak a peek prior to the official opening date on the 2nd of April, 2021. Find out more about the details of this Malaysian market.

RM13.90 to RM15.90

The first item on the menu is Tacos available in a set. It can be served with a hard, crunchy shell or with a thin tortilla. Taco Supreme (Combo priced at RM15.90 at-a-carte – RM9.90) is served with ground chicken. If you are craving fried chicken instead, can try the kickin’ Chicken Tacos (Combo – RM15.90 (A at-a-carte RM12.50)

 (À la carte – RM3.90)

(À la carte – RM3.85) 

The Taco Bell Malaysia Menu Will Surely Satisfy Locals With Its Diverse Offerings

For a long time, Malaysians had been hearing about Taco Bell through films and television shows. But this is going to change. The opening of Taco Bell Malaysia means everyone can enjoy delicious Tex-Mex without the hassle of flying to another country.

If you’re ever in Cyberjaya stop by to grab some tacos or Nachos!

Address: Lot SD2 Cottage Walk, off Jalan Persiaran APEC, Cyberjaya, 63000 Selangor

Time of Operation:10am to 11 pm daily

Contact: 03-8213 0100


Is there Taco Bell in Malaysia?

The news about Taco Bell finally stepping foot on Malaysian soil caused Malaysians to squeal in joy last year, and, after months of anticipation the well-known American fast-food chain opened its first branch in the Malaysian market in Cottage Walk, Cyberjaya in April 2021 with crowds of eager customers at the time of its opening

How much is Taco Bell in Malaysia?

Taco Bell combo sets costs between RM13. 90 and RM15. 90 which includes soft drinks and the choice of Nacho chips, or Mexican fries.

Is Taco Bell in Malaysia Halal?

Let’s talk about it! Before you begin take note that the ingredients that are used in Taco Bell Malaysia are from Halal-certified sources. Therefore, if you’re the first to experience Taco Bell, you may start your Tex-Mex journey with Taco Bell’s classic basic and nutritious Taco Supreme. Taco Supreme.

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