Swirl Tea Menu Malaysia 2022

Swirl Tea Menu Malaysia 2021

Swirl Tea Menu Malaysia FORT LEE, NJ – The Business District Alliance (BDA) of Fort Lee welcomed T-swirl Crepe and Q Tea Tapas to the business community at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 6, 2016.

The new eateries are located at 242-244 Main Street and specialize in crepes and bubble tea. The menu at T-shirt’s varies from the sweet and delicious Matcha Crepe with Chocolate Truffles to the delicious short ribs of Angus and provides a wide selection of milkshakes. Q Tea Tapas’ menu includes a variety of tapioca and teas. The two restaurants are interconnected inside, allowing patrons to experience what each offers.

Swirl Tea Menu Malaysia

Swirl Tea Menu Malaysia 2021

Japanese Curry Katsu Rice RM 11.30
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken Rice RM 10.30
Mango Fresh Milk RM 11.30
Strawberry Fresh Milk RM 11.30
Pomelo Tea  RM 12.30
Orange Green Tea RM 12.30

Croissant Series

Fried Chicken Croissant RM 12.90
Double Cheese Croissant RM 11.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant RM 11.50
Mango Croissant RM 11.50

Milk Tea Series

Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea RM 12.30
Roasted Milk Tea RM 11.30
Wintermelon Milk Tea RM 11.30
Jasmine Green Milk Tea RM 11.30

Milk Cover Tea

Mango Milk Foam Green Tea RM 13.30
Oolong Milk Foam Tea RM 11.30
Rose Pu Er Milk Foam Tea RM 12.30
Strawberry Milk Foam Tea RM 13.30

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