Sweet Hut Menu Malaysia 2022

Sweet Hut Menu Malaysia 2021

Sweet Hut Menu To all sweet tooth lovers, This is a place that you must not skip. Sweet Hut, a restaurant specializing in desserts. The name comes from the term “sweetheart”. Desserts are sweet and anything that is done by the “heart” will surely bring the most delicious! Of course, it’s the flavor, color, and taste!

Ah, my favorite, Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding. It’s a must-have! It is packaged in coconut and then topped with caramel and a slice of watermelon and honey the melon. It is delicious! With a caramel-y sweetness, the texture is just right smooth and not too flowing.

Wow! The caramel actually sits in the coconut’s jelly as seen above. After enjoying all the delicious treats inside the coconut, there’s something else to do. What’s the matter?

It’s my favorite thing to do doing, which is scraping the tender coconut flesh out of within the interior of coconut! Take a look at the photo above. I’m an expert at thisand usually I’ll scrape the entire interior of the coconut with a metal spoon. Personally, I think it’s RM12.80 for this tasty dish is well worth it.


We ordered Milk Almond pudding and Mango Pomelo soup Their signature dish is from their almond and caramel pudding series. Pomelo soup is decent The mango is of a pleasant yellow hue, however, its flavor is sour and not sweet. This is a huge disappointment as typically, mangoes of this ripe yellow hue are supposed to be sweet.

The almond pudding will be loved by those who are older and who enjoy the classic almond scent. However, it could be an absolute turn-off for people who don’t enjoy the strong almond aroma. My daughter simply cannot stand it as her facial expression was covered in disgust. It’s up to the individual to decide on his own. The Milk Almond pudding and Mango Pomelo soup is priced at RM8.90


Sesame balls are among people’s favorite desserts since they are crunchy and crispy. My daughter ordered it because of its peanut filling and not the usual Red Bean filling. Sesame balls are priced at RM4.90 for three pieces. It’s a good price however skin isn’t as crisp, and the texture is too hard and not enough crunchy.


The sign on the table that shows six egg tarts at RM4.90 is incredibly appealing. The curiosity got higher of us. The tart was cold, but that’s okay because it’s claimed to be Malaysia’s first egg tart cold. Yet, being an old-fashioned woman I am hoping that it’ll be hot. Older folks are tough to change however, I am certain that some of the younger generations prefer it cold. The fillings aren’t the same thickness as in the photos of the tables.


I love the blown-up photos on the wall inside the eatery. They brighten the restaurant and provide the needed information on the food. Well done.

The tables and chairs are perfectly placed to create a bright joyful atmosphere. The theme “Hearts” to make it appealing for dessert lovers, as well as couples, is a great idea. (Proven by this image below) Congratulations!

There are 20 branches of Sweet Hut. The restaurant I visited was Sri Petaling Sweet Hut restaurant.

“Stressed spell backward is Desserts”. I am certain that I’ll be visiting Sweet Hut once more very soon. Particularly during stressful and exhausting times. There are many other kinds of desserts available from the menu that I’d like to try .)

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