Subway Menu Prices in Malaysia 2022

Subway Menu And Price List – Updated 2021

Subway Menu Malaysia: Sometimes all you need is a simple sandwich. Subway has all the answers when you want a thick stack with bread, cheese, and fresh vegetables. The signature scent of baking bread is what makes this sandwich brand so popular. After you have chosen your main ingredient from Malaysia’s Subway Menu, you can customize your sandwich by changing the bread or vegetable.

There are so many sandwiches to choose from that it can be difficult to decide what to order. Here’s a list with updated prices and a menu of the Subway sandwiches.

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New Items

Menu Item Price (RM)
Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Spicy Mayo Sauce 13.90
Smoky Chicken with Hot Pepper Sauce 13.90
Bulgogi Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese 13.50

Subway Classics – Subway Menu Prices in Malaysia 

Menu Item Price (RM)
Chicken Teriyaki 11.55
Meatball Marinara 11.55
Spicy Italian 11.55
Steak & Cheese 11.55
Seafood & Crab 11.55
Veggie Delite 7.30 (6 inch Meal for 12.10)

Subway Favourites – Subway Menu Prices in Malaysia 

Menu Item Price (RM)
Subway Melt 13.25
Italian BMT 13.25
Subway Club 13.25
6 inch Meal (Drink + Chips OR Cookie) 18.00

Subway Breakfast Menu Prices in Malaysia

Menu Item 6- inch or Wrap (RM) Footlong (RM)
Breakfast Strip, Egg & Cheese 7.20 13.40
Cheese & Egg 6.70 13.80
Chicken Slice,  Egg & Cheese 6.90 14.45
Tuna, Egg & Cheese 7.20 14.45


Menu Item 6- inch (RM) Footlong (RM)
Breakfast Strip 2.45 4.90
Double Meat 4.90 9.75
Extra Cheese 1.25 2.45

Make Your Sub a Footlong

Menu Item 6- inch (RM) Footlong (RM)
Classics 20.05 24.90
Favourites 21.65 26.40
Signature 21.75 26.50

Subway Wrap or Salad Menu Prices

Menu Item Price (RM)
Wrap No Extra Charge
Salads + 1.05 to sub price

Subway Drinks Menu Prices

Menu Item Price (RM)
Fountain (16 oz.) 2.65 / (22 oz.) 3.20
Bottled Drink 2.65
Juice 3.70
Black or White Coffee 3.20
Teh Tarik/Milo 3.20
Cappuccino/Mocha 4.15
Flavored Tea 4.15

Subway Sides Menu Prices

Menu Item Price (RM)
Cookies 1 for 1.80 / 3 for 4.75 / 12 for 18.00
Chips 2.85
Soup 5.20

Subway Catering Menu Prices

Menu Item Price Starting at (RM)
Sandwich Platters 90.10
Subway to Go! Meals 12.60
Cookie Platters 54.05
Giant Subs 125.10

History of Subway Malaysia

Subway’s story begins with a struggling medical student with his medical school loan. Fred DeLuca realized in 1965 that his dream to become a doctor was more expensive than he thought. DeLuca decided to start a small business to make some extra money. Peter Buck, DeLuca’s close friend, offered to lend him $1000 to help build a sandwich shop.

Subway sandwiches are known as subs. DeLuca thought it was fascinating that his sandwiches looked similar to Connecticut’s famous subs. DeLuca was a loyal local and paid tribute to the place he loved.

Subway sandwiches are known for being affordable. Subway was founded with the goal of providing fresh, healthy food at a reasonable price. Subway is a global chain with 41, 000 locations in over 100 countries. This allows people around the globe to have healthier options for food.

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