Snowflake Menu Malaysia 2022

Snowflake Menu Malaysia 

Snowflake Menu I’m not able to comprehend the hype surrounding shaved-ice desserts. While they’re great to enjoy every now and then, however, the massive demand baffles me.

Snowflake is one. The long line is insane, especially at Pavilion KL. At 8 pm many of the items were sold out, including the Snowflake Best Sellers.


The Taroball Series (RM6.50) with peanut, red bean and sago pearls are nothing to be shouted about. The Rif however was not happy about it – he was a fan of it.


I was also not a fan of the taste of the rice with black glutinous, red bean soup plus Taro ball (RM5.90). It tasted like a glitzy version of the soup. Because this was the first time attempting our desserts, we added the creamer to our soup of red beans. It was probably meant to make iced desserts.



Its Grass Jelly Soup + Taroballs + Peanuts and Pearls (RM6.90) is good but nothing special. Rif’s mom made a mistake and poured the creamer into a warm dessert! The Rif was awestruck by both of them particularly the dessert with ice. I’m beginning to think he is a fan of everything Taiwanese. I’d too…if the staff at the counter look as Wang Leehom.

Ambiance: 6/10Price: 5/10
Food: 6/10 (pork-free)
The verdict: Decent, but not enough to warrant any hype.

The Snowflake Bestseller @ RM6.90

Sea Amber Jelly @ RM6.90,

RM5 to RM6.50)

I think I feel that the Tohua this time (price vary between RM5 up to RM6.50) is an average experience, certainly not the most comfortable you could obtain. 

I’m pretty sure the quality you can get from the Pasar Malam is much better, and also less expensive by a mile. The thing that makes Tohua worth a try is the twelve different toppings you can choose from.

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