Sneaky Burgers Menu Malaysia 2022

Sneaky Burgers Menu Malaysia 

Sneaky Burgers Menu Malaysia The burgers were huge in size and well packed. If you choose to order the Set Meal, that comes with fries and a burger drink. The burgers tasted great, however, I preferred the sneaky Bac-Stab due to the burger mix. It was huge tasty, juicy, and delicious. A pork patty made from scratch with triple bacon, caramelized onions, and bacon. Oh my God … yummy!!!

Sneaky Burgers Menu Malaysia(RM28.80;


Porky "Spicy Boom" BurgerRM17.90

Sneaky "Vegelante" BurgerRM23.90

Sneaky "Funghi Time" BurgerRM25.90

Sesame seed burger buns with tender chicken thighs deep-fried and served with a succulent homemade pork patty double bacon, double cheese as well as lettuce, pickles, and gherkins, caramelized onions, and Sneaky’s signature sauce.

Sneaky "Mother Porken" BurgerRM35.90

Sneaky "Bac-Stab" BurgerRM25.90

Sneaky "Pig-Mac" Burger
Porky "Gourmet" Burger

Sneaky “Bac-Stab” Burger RM 18.90(ALC), RM 25.40(SET)

Charcoal sesame seed burger bun with homemade pork patty, triple bacon, cheese, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, caramelized onions, pickled gherkins, and porky special sauce. 

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