Saravanaa Bhavan Menu Malaysia 2022

Saravanaa Bhavan Menu Malaysia

Saravanaa Bhavan Menu, An Indian restaurant chain that offers vegetarian eateries that has 80 restaurants spread across 18 countries, including India, Malaysia, Singapore and Singapore, the UK as well as France. 

After having a visit to the outlet at the Suria KLCC food court in the mall and observing the excellent food I’ve visited five or six of their outlets within Kuala Lumpur.

Stall, KLCC, Saravana Bhavan, Malaysia

Stall, KLCC, Saravana Bhavan, Malaysia

I don’t have many pictures of the food, however, I can say that I’ve loved every meal and every serving of curry in every set of thalis or thali I’ve bought from them.

Particularly, I would suggest vegetarian mutton parotta’ or paratha that is delicious. Flaky paratha bread that is cut up and cooked with mock meat onion and garlic, chili, and spices.

and you can’t miss the SB special is also delicious. It’s mock-chicken cooked with plenty of onions, whole cloves of garlic, as well as huge chilies. Also devil’s potato, rasam vada, gobi 65

Food, Saravana Bhavan, MalaysiaFood, Saravana Bhavan, Malaysia

In the interest of full transparency, the founder of the company was found guilty of murder in the year 2009. He was granted bail on medical grounds in the midst of an appeal.

Devil potato and paratha fry, Saravana Bhavan, MalaysiaDevil potato and paratha fry, Saravana Bhavan, Malaysia

Indian Food For Children in Malaysia

Can my children eat Indian food? A little. They’re familiar with curries Mum cooks at home. D (9) especially is great with a touch of chili. Boo ( 6,) isn’t as keen.

Both like spice, However, chili can be a bit difficult to cook and you can’t be wanting milder options when it comes to this kind of food. The food is cooked in huge portions, not intake orders. 

The kids will be able to taste everything, sambar being very mild, and typically only one or two curries that are served in a thali, (or banana leaf) are nice to children. 

The thalis will always include the curd ( yogurt) to ease the pain out. The trick is mixing small amounts of curries with a huge amount of rice. Adding rice is generally offered for free. They are fond of dosas poppadoms, breads, and poppadoms. D loves the vada.

South Indian food is something we eat in order to satisfy me, not them and I believe it’s only right to give them the coconut and pineapple pie later. It’s not at all Indian However, they’re great for kids.

Warm and fresh from a small bakery across the highway, the only thing I could compare to them is a baked well tart. We can say that the kids are in heaven when it comes to food also

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