Nandos Menu Prices in Malaysia 2022

Nandos Menu And Price List – Updated 2021

Nandos Menu Malaysia: Nandos is a specialist in grilled chicken. Each bite is bursting with flavour and is marinated for 24hrs. Nandos Malaysia offers a variety of dishes that will please everyone. All your menu items can be paired with a side dish of PERi PERi sauce.

The sauce’s spice levels range from mild to very hot. There is a level of spice that suits everyone. This complete Nandos menu will help you decide what to order when your chicken cravings strike.

Nandos Menu Malaysia

More PERi-PERi for the Penny

Menu Item Price (RM)
¼ Chicken with 2 Reg Sides, a PERi-PEIi soup and a Soft Drink 29.90
¼ Chicken with 2 Reg Sides + Soft Drink 23.90
¼ Chicken with Mediterranean Rice + Soft Drink 17.90
Full Platter with 4 Reg Sides + 4 X Soft Drinks 75.90
½ Chicken with 2 Reg Sides + Soft Drink 33.90

PERi-PERi Chicken

Menu Item On its Own (RM) + 1 Reg Side (RM) + 2 Reg Side (RM)
¼ Chicken 18.18 20.93
½ Chicken 28.24 30.98
Meal for 1 ¼ Chicken with 2 Reg Sides, a PERi-PERi Soup and a 500ml Bottled Drink 28.90
Whole Chicken 45.60
Jumbo Patter (for 4-6) 127.84
8 Wingettes & Drummettes 26.90 29.90
16 Wingettes & Drummettes 40.90
Wing Roulette 40.90
Off the Bone Saucy Tenders with Mediterranean Rice 13.90
Off the Bone Grilled Chicken Tenders 15.90
Chicken Butterfly 21.90 25.90

Burgers, Pita, Wraps

Menu Item + 1 Reg Side (RM) + 2 Reg Sides (RM)
Chicken Ceasar Wrap 19.90 22.90
Chicken Pita 19.90 22.90
Chicken Breast Burger 20.90 23.90
Chicken Wrap 20.90 23.90
Nandocas Choice 26.90 29.90
Veggie Burger 19.50 22.50
Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap 26.10 29.60


Menu Item Reg (RM) Large(RM)
Spicy Rice 5.94 8.68
Coleslaw 5.94 8.68
Side Salad 5.94 8.68
PERi-PERi Chips 5.94 8.68
PERi-PERi Wedges 5.94 8.68
Mediterranean Rice 5.94 8.68
Chargrilled Veg 5.94 8.68
Garlic Bread 5.94 8.68
Corn-on-the-cob 5.94 8.68


Menu Item Price (RM)
Garlic Cheesy Pita 7.22
PERi-PERi Cheesy Chips 10.87
Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise 11.79
Chicken Liver and Portugese Roll 10.90
Mushroom Bowl 12.90
Chicken Skewers with Dipping Sauce 15.90

Something Sweet

Menu Item Price (RM)
Naughty Natas 4.47
Choc-A-Lot Muffin 7.22
Salted Cramel Cake Bites 8.13
PERi-PERi Brownies 8.13
Red Velvet Cake 10.87
Caramel Cheesecake 10.87


Menu Item Price (RM)
Soft Drinks Per Can 3.90
600ml Dasani Mineral Water 3.56
Lemon Lime Cooler 5.90
Orange Juice 9.90
Iced Americano 9.90
Iced Chocolate 10.90
Iced Gelato 10.90
Rose Velvet Latte 10.90
Sparkling Apple 10.90
Citrus Iced Tea 10.90
Tropical Fruit Tea 10.90
Hot Tea 9.90
Americano 9.90
Espresso 9.90
Cappuccino 10.90
Galao 10.90
Hot Mocha 10.90
Hot Chocolate 10.90


Menu Item Price (RM) With Chicken (RM)
Ceaser Salad 16.30 22.90
Add any of these to your salad
PERinaise 2.20
Egg 2.90
Toasted Pita Bread 2.90
Grilled Portuguese Roll 5.90
Grilled Halloumi Cheese 8.90

History of Nandos Malaysia

It all began in 1987 Johannesburg, South Africa. Fernando Duarte, a friend, and Robert Brozin, a colleague were searching for a restaurant to eat at. They settled on a Portuguese-African restaurant that is best known for its open-fire-grilled chicken and peri peri sauce.

Both friends were intrigued by the flavors of this fusion cuisine and decided to purchase Chickenland, which was then called Chickenland. They renamed it Nandos in honor of Fernando, their first child.

Nandos’ name is marked with a rooster, if you haven’t noticed it. The rooster was created to honor Portuguese culture. Barci, or the rooster comes from an ancient Portuguese folktale about a mythical rooster who rose to life to prove a man’s innocence.

Nando’s signature font was created to honor the strong African heritage of Nando’s. This font was created by Marks Salimu, an artist. It quickly became a Nandos trademark font.

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