Mr Dakgalbi Menu Prices in Malaysia 2022

Mr Dakgalbi Menu And Price List – Updated 2021

Annyeonghaseyo! Korean cuisines are gaining popularity in Malaysia. We have so far discovered many Korean delights such as Korean fried chicken, fire instant noodles, jajangmyeon, and, of course, dakgalbi.

Are you a Mr Dakgalbi aficionado? Fret not! We have updated the information about Mr Dakgalbi including the menu, prices, promotions, delivery options and more.

Mr Dakgalbi menu

Mr Dakgalbi Complete Menu

Pan Grilled Chicken

Menu Item Price (RM)
Mr. Dakgalbi Classic /pax 24.00
Seafood Dakgalbi (2-3pax) 64.00
Seafood Dakgalbi (3-4pax) 90.00
Cheese Ring Dakgalbi (2-3pax) 65.00
Cheese Ring Dakgalbi (3-4pax) 84.00
Bean Sprouts Dakgalbi /pax 26.00
Bulgogi Dakgalbi /pax 24.00
Octopus Dakgalbi /pax 30.00

Pan-Fried Rice

Menu Item Price (RM)
Mr.Dak Fried Rice 18.00
Chicken Bulgogi Fried Rice 18.00
Seafood Fried Rice 16.00
Beef Fried Rice 16.00
Special Fried Rice 18.00

Main Course Set

Menu Item Price (RM)
Dakgalbi 2 Pax Set 69.00
Dakgalbi 3 Pax Set 99.00
Dakgalbi 4 Pax Set 129.00

Fried Rice Set

Menu Item Price (RM)
Fried Rice 2 Pax Set 50.00
Fried Rice 3 Pax Set 71.00
Fried Rice 4 Pax Set 98.00

Add Ons

Menu Item Price (RM)
Fried Rice 8.00
Cheese 8.00
Ramen 8.00
Udong 8.00
Mushroom Combination 8.00
Sweet Potato 8.00
Rice Cake 8.00
Cheese Rice Cake 8.00
Dakgalbi 200g 18.00
Octopus 13.00
Shrimp 13.00
Steamed Rice 4.00
Seafood Pancake 18.00
Cheese Ring 18.00

Mr Dakgalbi Malaysia Delivery

Do you want to make dakgalbi at your home? We’ve got you covered! Order Mr. Dakgalbi delivery via multiple platforms. Grab food and foodpanda are Mr. Dakgalbi’s food delivery partners. Check out the Grab food and foodpanda promotions, as well as discounts! You can place orders via both Grabfood and Foodpanda’s mobile apps.

You can also choose same-day delivery courier services such as MrSpeedy or Lalamove if the delivery service is not available in your area. These courier services specialize in same-day and on-demand delivery and offer fast, affordable courier services. These platforms allow you to order Mr Dakgalbi and be sure that you won’t pay too much!

Psst! While you’re at it, check out Lokataste Food Delivery too!

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