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IKEA menu Malaysia

IKEA menu malaysia Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian, eating too much meat may be a bit to your body. So, switch it up every now and then to the most nutritious and hearty food that is all made of plants.

IKEA Malaysia now offers tasty and cheap plant-based meals that everyone can take advantage of. Enjoy a plant-based burger or Schnitzel with Plant-Based Ingredients as well as Fishless Fishless Fingers that are Plant-Based as well as Veggieballs with tomato paste, Veggieball Wrap, Scrambled Egg Croissant with plant-based pieces, and salads.


At a reasonable price of RM4.90 Starting at RM4.90 – RM12.90, The new line of delicious plant-based meals is available in all IKEA Malaysia restaurants.

Customers can choose to relish the delicious food options in-store eating, take-away, or IKEA food Order & Collect service.

The launch of the new menu items is a reflection of IKEA Malaysia’s efforts in making sustainable and healthy foods more accessible and attractive to a wide range of customers.

Since food is a basic need for all of us and is a necessity for us, the need to take our part in protecting the ecological environment. This is done by being conscious of what we consume.

When you select a plant-based meal that is delicious, inexpensive and nutritious, and easy to digest, you can consume your way to an eco-friendly planet.

Plant-based Schnitzel & Mushroom Soup Combo (RM12.90)(RM12.90)

If you are looking to eat well and feel good during the period from 16 to 31 days October 2021, be sure to purchase this World Food Day combo that includes the Schnitzel made of plant-based ingredients and Mushroom Soup at RM12.90.

For each portion of the mix that is sold, RM2.00 will be channeled to HOPE Worldwide Malaysia to fund food distribution programs.

Limited time offer – Plant-based Burger with Shitake mushrooms & Fries priced at RM12.90RM12.90

All food items that are plant-based will be available present on the IKEA menu, except for the Plant-Based Burger which is only available for a brief period only, and that’s through the 31 days on October 20, 2021.

You are the food you eat, so make the first step towards eating plant-based foods! Since if your food choices are healthy for the environment then it is surely beneficial for you. To learn more about IKEA’s menu of plant-based foods

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