Gong Cha Menu & Price List Malaysia 2022 Updated

Gong Cha Menu  Price List in Malaysia 2022 [Updated]

Welcome To In Our Post To Getting Information About Gong Cha Menu Malaysia. Do You Know Bubble tea fanatics, rise! Our article today is about Gong Cha, a popular bubble tea brand in Malaysia. 

The Taiwanese-born company aims to provide tea of the highest quality. We believe they succeeded. Gong Cha offers more than bubble tea. They also offer fruit juices, coffee, and latte.

The brand was founded in 2006 and has rapidly grown internationally. There are over 1500 outlets around the world, and Malaysia was added to that list. Gong Cha Malaysia would occasionally change its menus. Customers might be confused as to which one is the most current and up-to-date. Today, we present Gong Cha Malaysia’s updated menu and pricing list for 2021/22

Gong Cha Menu  Price List in Malaysia

Gong Cha Menu  Price List in Malaysia

Gong Cha Menu  Price List in Malaysia


Gong Cha Signature Green Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey) RM7.50 RM8.50
Gong Cha Signature Winter Melon Tea RM8.00 RM9.00
Gong Cha Signature Black Coffee RM8.50
Gong Cha Signature Brown Sugar Tea (Oolong/Earl Grey) RM8.50 RM9.50
Gong Cha Signature Chocolate Milk RM9.50 RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Taro Milk RM9.50 RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Mango Green Tea RM9.50 RM10.50
Gong Cha Signature Matcha Milk with Red Adzuki Bean RM10.50 RM11.50
Potted Tea with OREO Crumbs (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey) RM9.00 RM10.00

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Gong Cha menu price list


Taiwan Green Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey) RM5.00 RM6.00
Roselle Tea RM6.00 RM7.00
Winter Melon Tea RM5.50 RM6.50

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Plum Tea RM6.50 RM7.50
Green Tea with White Pearl RM7.00 RM8.00
Winter Melon Tea with White Pearl RM7.50 RM8.50
Roselle Tea with White Pearl RM8.00 RM9.00
Lemon Juice with Ai-Yu & White Pearl RM8.00 RM9.00
Longan Red Date Tea RM6.50 RM7.50
Basil Seeds Lemon Winter Melon Tea RM7.50 RM8.50
Honey Lemon RM6.50 RM7.50
Lemon Juice RM6.00 RM7.00


Plum Green Tea RM6.00 RM7.00
Grapefruit/Peach Green Tea RM6.50 RM7.50
Passion Fruit Green Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea RM9.00 RM10.00
Mango Green Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Honey Green Tea RM6.00 RM7.00
Yogurt Green Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Mango/Lemon Yoghurt RM7.00 RM8.00

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Milk Tea (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey) RM6.00 RM7.00
Milk Tea with Pearl RM7.50 RM8.50
Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly RM7.50 RM8.50
Milk Tea with White Pearl RM8.00 RM9.00
Milk Tea with Red Bean RM8.00 RM9.00
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J’s RM8.50 RM9.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly RM7.50 RM8.50
Caramel Milk Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Taro Milk Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Oreo Milk Tea RM7.50 RM8.50
Chocolate Milk Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Oreo Chocolate RM8.50 RM9.50
Matcha Milk with Red Adzuku Bean RM8.00 RM9.00
Longan Red Date Milk Tea RM7.50 RM8.50
Honey Milk Tea RM7.00 RM8.00
Salted Caramel Chocolate RM9.50 RM10.50
Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Oolong/Earl Grey) RM7.00 RM8.00
Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly (Oolong/Earl Grey) RM8.50 RM9.50


Brewed Tea Latte (Black/Green/Oolong/Earl Grey) RM7.00 RM8.00
Winter Melon Tea Latte RM7.50 RM8.50

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House Special Milk Coffee RM8.00
Caramel Milk Coffee RM9.00
Coffee Milk Tea RM8.00
Americano RM7.00
Mocha RM7.50
Oreo Mocha RM8.50


Ai-Yu Jelly RM1.50
Basil Seeds RM1.50
Coconut Jelly RM1.50
Coffee Jelly RM1.50
Herbal Jelly RM1.50
Oreo Crumbs RM1.50
Pearl RM1.50
Pudding RM1.50
Red Bean RM2.00
White Pearl RM2.00
Special Foam RM2.50

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It was established in 2006 in 2006 Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Gong Cha was named after “tribute tea to the Emperor” and began its journey into an extremely crowded market for bubble tea. 

Gong Cha’s initial Hong Kong store was established in 2009 by an individual from Hong Kong native who had resided in Taiwan for over five years.

In 2012, there were forty-six locations within Hong Kong, mainly in MTR stations and shopping malls but the number has dropped to five following a decline in sales resulting from a number of safety and health scandals.

It is Gong Cha serves a total of around fifty-seven drinks that can be classified into seven varieties of specialty drinks, tea brewed milk tea “Creative Mix”, coffee, “Healthy Series”, and ice drinks. 

There are also drinks available in large and medium sizes. The most well-known drink available in Hong Kong is “Gong Cha Milk Green Tea” which has the lower layer of tea that is covered with a top layer of creamer that is specially designed. 

Gong Cha also sells tea sets and teas in their stores, including Bi-Luo-Chun Green Tea and Darjeeling Spring Tea. Some locations also provide food items, with a recently added item being “Mochi pancakes”. 

In January of 2017 Gong Cha’s main office was bought from Gong Cha Korea. CEO Kim Soo Min has announced plans to expand across areas like the Middle East and Latin America as well as promising to “change everything, except for flavor”.

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REVIEW With Gong Cha Malaysia

Gong Cha Malaysia Near Me Location

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FAQS For Gong Cha Malaysia

(1) Where to Order Gong Cha Malaysia?

You can find a large mall near you if you aren’t sure where to get a cup of Gong Cha. Gong Cha Malaysia outlets are usually located in shopping centers. The mall’s shoppers can shop while enjoying a cup of Gong Cha.

We understand that sometimes you may not feel like leaving the house. Don’t worry, you can opt for delivery instead. Orders can be placed through GrabFood and food pandas delivery partners. Both apps can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

(2) What is the most popular drink in Gong Cha?

Gong Cha Best Drinks to Order
  • Brown Sugar Pearl Oreo Milk Foam Oolong Milk Tea.
  • Brown Sugar Coffee Jelly Oolong Milk Tea.
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea with J.
  • Taro Milk Foam Smoothies.
  • Oreo Milk Foam Black Forest.
  • Matcha Milk Foam Smoothie.
  • Passionfruit Green Tea with QQ.
  • Royal Milk Tea with Pearl.

(3) Who is the owner of Gong Cha?

Martin Berry is the Founder and Chairman of the Gong Cha Group, a leading global provider of premium teas loved by consumers in more than 20 countries and 1,600 stores across the world.

(4) Is Gong Cha better than ChaTime?

Gong Cha, ChaTime won. I wouldn’t mind going back to try the other drinks from both places. But only when the queue is not too long.
Verdict: Wasn’t too pleased with my drink from Gong Cha, but the Red Bean Milk Tea at ChaTime got me hooked.
(5) What are the pearls in Gong Cha?
In a nutshell, Bobas are Tapioca pearls that are approximately the size of a marble. They consist of a neutral flavor, which is typically described as chewy or gummy inconsistency. These are made from tapioca starch, which comes from Cassava Root.

(6) What kind of creamer does Gong Cha use?

Gong Cha’s milk teas are made with plant creamer so they are all non-dairy with the exception of the fresh milk series where they use whole milk.
If you’re looking for non-dairy, the matcha smoothie and milk foam drinks (or just milk foam as a topping) are not an option as there is milk in the krema.

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