Eat clean menu malaysia

Eat clean menu Malaysia

Lunch during the workweek is one of the toughest times to provide your body with an adequate diet. There is a short time frame to prepare your own food, and only a few healthy options near work, lead to a flurry of succumbing to fast, cheap, and unnutritious food choices.

Food Cleanse by Khairena but offers a simple option for healthy meals with a delivery service. Available from 11 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday, and with 24-hour advance order, you can get healthy, nutritious meals for lunch that are delivered every all week long, if you wish to choose.

Healthy Food DeliveryRM20)

Lunch during the workweek is one of the toughest times to provide your body with the right nutrition.

A lack of time to pack your own food and the lack of nutritious alternatives in the vicinity of your office makes it easy to give in to inexpensive, quick, and unhealthy choices.

The Eat Clean brand Khairena However, it offers a quick solution to an efficient lunch delivery service.

The hours are from 11 am to 2 pm, Monday through Friday. With a 24-hour advance order, you can enjoy healthy, nutritious lunch served every day of the week, if you decide to choose.

Multi-grain PilafRM15.90

In the second dish Chicken Breast is baked with the bruschetta-like topping consisting comprised of onions, tomatoes black pepper, chili, and tomatoes.

Small feta cubes help smooth the spice of the main dish and a delicious tri-colour quinoa salad sits on the dish. Fresh broccoli florets add colour and a boost of nutrients to the food.

Chicken BreastRM13

The tongues of both leave buzzing with spice which I love, however hubby thinks it’s a bit spicy for his taste. Make sure to let Khairena be aware of your order and the recipes can be modified to suit your needs.

At just RM15 for each meal We think that’s is an excellent value to eat nutritious and healthy food.

Delivery areas covered are Damansara Heights, Mont Kiara, Hartamas, and Bangsar Baru with a minimum purchase of two to five meals according to the place of delivery. If you place bulk orders additional suburbs can be thought of.

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