Domino Pizza Menu Prices in Malaysia 2022

Domino Pizza Menu And Prices List – Updated 2022

Domino Pizza Menu Malaysia: Good pizza makes great memories. Domino Pizza delivers freshly baked pies made to order.

Domino Pizza offers a wide range of menu options, including First Class Pizza and classic pizzas. Before you step into your favorite pizza place, make sure to check out the complete menu! Gong Cha Menu Price List in Malaysia

Domino Pizza Menu Prices in Malaysia

Royale Pizzas

Menu Item Price (RM)
Royal Chicken 31.25
Royale Tuna Pizza 31.25
Royal Delight Pizza 31.25

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First Class Pizzas

Menu Item Price (RM)
Chickensaurus Pizza 30.80
Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza 30.80
Meatasaurus Pizza 30.80
Chicken Confidential Pizza 30.80
Sambal Surf & Turf Pizza 30.80
Prawn Sensation Pizza 30.80
Tropical Sambal Prawn Pizza 30.80
Prawn Passion Pizza 30.80


Menu Item Price (RM)
Classic Chicken Pizza 28.60
Smokey Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza 28.60
Classified Chicken Pizza 28.60
Spicy Sambal Pizza 28.60
Meat Mania Pizza 28.60
Spicy Sausage Pizza 28.60
Extravaganzza Pizza 28.60
Chicken Perfection Pizza 28.60
Signature Quattro Beef 28.60
Signature Quattro Chic 28.60

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Menu Item Price (RM)
Simply Cheese 28.25
Veggie Galore 28.25
Chicken Pepperoni 28.25
Seafood Delight 28.25
Beef Pepperoni 28.25
Flaming Tuna 28.25
BBQ Chicken 28.25
Aloha Chicken 28.25
Smoky Beef & Chicken 28.25
Tuna Extreme 28.25
Sambal Veggie 28.25
Tuna Temptation 28.25
Veggie Fiesta 28.25
Veggie Quattro 28.25

Side Orders

Menu Item Price (RM)
Golden Chicken Tenders 13.70
Crazy Chicken Crunchies – Tom Yam 13.70
Crazy Chicken Crunchies – Original 13.70
Roasted Chicken Drumsticks 13.70
Chicken Wings 13.70

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Party Box

Menu Item Price (RM)
Fabulous Four 24.45
Cheesy Four 24.45


Menu Item Price (RM)
Banana Kaya Dessert 7.10
Garlic Twisty Bread 7.10
Garlic French Loaf 7.10
Cinnastix 7.10
Breadstix 7.10
Cheesy Mozzarella Stix 9.25
Stuffed Cheddar Bites 7.10
Cheesy Cheddar Stix 9.25


Menu Item Price (RM)
Spag Bolognese Chicken 11.80
Chicken Lasagna 11.80

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Menu Item Price (RM)
Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert 11.90
Butterscotch Pudding Dessert 11.90
Chocolate Lava Cake 9.90


Menu Item Price (RM)
Zesty Coleslaw 3.90
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings 7.10
BBQ Baked Meatballs 10.40

History of Domino Pizza Malaysia

Two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James Monaghan bought a local pizza place called DomiNicks in Michigan in the 1960s. 

This young and ambitious pair believed they would be able to achieve instant success with their new pizza shop.

Both Tom and James failed to realize that both had to work full time while running the pizza shop. James was quickly exhausted and sold his share to his brother.

Tom Monaghan persevered, opening two more parlors in Michigan. 

Tom came up with new names after he was told he couldn’t use DomiNicks for the trade name. Dominos was suggested by one of his employees.

Monaghan created the famous logo of an open pizza container with three dots as a tribute to his three successful stores. These dots are reminiscent of his three outlets. A&W Menu Malaysia


About Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Domino’s Pizza started with just one location called “Dominick’s” which was purchased by twins Tom as well as James Monaghan for $500 in 1960. 

James transferred his portion of the company with Tom in 1965, and then as the sole proprietor, Tom changed the name of the company to Domino’s Pizza Inc. 

In 1978, the 200th Domino’s location opened, and things started to take off. Shihlin Menu Malaysia

In 1983, there were more than around 1,000 Domino’s stores. In that following the same year, Domino’s inaugurated its initial international location located in Winnipeg, Canada, followed by the first store it opened on the continent of Australasia in Queensland, Australia in the same year. 

In 1989 Domino’s had five thousand stores operating and was the fastest-growing pizza business around the globe and has stores located in Australia, Japan, the UK, Japan, and South America.

Serving more than one million pizzas per day across the globe, Domino’s Pizza is the most renowned and fastest-growing pizza delivery company committed to maintaining the standards of the industry for product quality and efficiency. 

Worldwide, Domino’s Pizza Inc. manages a number of 14,800 franchised and owned locations across all of the U.S. and in over 85 countries. Domino’s worldwide ranks in the top five businesses in online transactions.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia Malaysian Food Review 

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FAQS For Domino’s   

(1) What does Domino’s delivery cost?

➝  Domino’s delivers for free! Customers must however order RM20 and above to receive delivery services.

(2) What is a Pizza Profile?

➝ It’s a personal account on Domino’s site that allows you to save addresses along with payment methods and orders from the past. This will make it easier for you to complete your order process by automatically filling out your personal details.

(3) Are there more addresses than I can have within my pizza profile?

➝ Yes. You can save up to five addresses within your account.

(4) How can you redeem vouchers and coupons?

➝  On the menu page of Domino’s, you can enter your voucher or coupon code prior to placing your order.

(5) Where to order Domino Pizza in Malaysia?

➝ Domino Pizza is available in more than 200 locations across Malaysia. This pizza shop provides relaxed dining with exceptional service from friendly staff.

➝ However, it is important to check that the closest outlet offers dine-in services. Domino Pizza offers a mobile ordering option that allows you to eat your pizza at home. 

➝ Choose to pick up your order from Domino’s and receive an alert when it is available. To get your pizza delivered to you, you can use GrabFood or food panda. Secret Recipe Menu Prices in Malaysia


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